Delta DFBM-NQ62X Development Platform is CE, FCC, TELEC and Bluetooth EPL logo approved in which, it is used for Bluetooth Smart, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary radio and NFC tag development …

4CH Relay Control Sample Code for NQ620

21 Jan 2017

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nRF APP Control Command, Bluetooth LE 4.2 GATT

Control Command

Write 0x00 - Relay0 on
Read 0xF0 - Relay0 Standby
Write 0x01 - Relay1 on
Read 0xF1 - Relay1 Standby
Write 0x02 - Relay2 on
Read 0xF2 - Realy2 Standby
Wirte 0x03 - Relay3 on
Read 0xF3 - Relay3 Standby
Write 0x04 - All Relay Off
Read 0x0F - All Relay Off Standby
Write 0x05 - All Relay on
Read 0x0F - All Relay on Standby