ERIC the robot dog

24 Sep 2012

I recently completed my MSc in Robotics at the University of Essex in the UK. My thesis was to build a walking robot quadruped which I named ERIC (Embedded Robotic Interactive Canine).

ERIC uses two mbeds, one to control his limbs and listen for commands from his master (me) and the remaining mbed to control a camera and do some image processing and computer vision stuff.

I made a short video showcasing ERIC and his abilities which I thought the mbed community might like to see.

Any questions or comments welcome.


24 Sep 2012

Really amazing project! I'd love to see some of the speech recognition/machine vision source, impressive use of a micro! Also I'm a fan of the machined leg parts: beautiful bit of CAD design there!

24 Sep 2012

Indeed impressive project, and I would second Giles request for some information about speech recognition and visual recognition.

25 Sep 2012

So glad you guys like ERIC.

I have to confess that I used the EasyVR module for the speech recognition - see Jim's notebook page for more details.

The computer vision stuff is coded from scratch and uses the OV7670 camera to get images. Fuyuno sakura did some work on this camera and how to get it to capture images here, and I also wrote a notebook page here adding some more details.

The CV library (which I'm calling mbedCV) needs a good tidy up before being published!

30 Sep 2012

That's a really nice project! What servos did you use?

01 Oct 2012

I used AX-12 servos as shown in the cookbook page here

01 Oct 2012

Did you have any problem with the servos, using this library? I have a problem using it with the current version (42) of mbed library. I think it has to do with the SerialHalfDuplex implementation.

01 Oct 2012

Hi Georgios, Yes I had some problems with the AX-12 library hanging sometimes. In the end I actually done the full-duplex to half-duplex conversion in hardware as suggested in the AX-12 datasheet. I have never had any problems since.

I had to modify the library which I published here

22 Aug 2013

Really cool dog Martin!

23 Nov 2014

hello martin I'm currently working on image processing with mbed and i need to do the task similar like the Guarding part ERIC did. Your work and documentation are of great help, but you haven't explained about image processing and its code. It would be very kind of you to include that part also in your notebook.