Announcing Jumentum-0.99-3 for mbed with PAL/NTSC composite video output and keyboard input

23 Oct 2011

The next version 0.99-3 of Jumentum is available, and this adds NTSC/PAL composite video output as well as PS/2 keyboard input for the mbed and the LPC1768 microcontroller. This enables the Jumentum-enabled mbed to act as a standalone single-chip BASIC programmable computer connected to a television. The mbed emulates a 80x25 VT100 terminal, making terminal control simple, and the built-in full-screen editor can be used on the television screen.

To use it, you just need to drag the "basic-mbed-video-pal.bin" or "basic-mbed-video-ntsc.bin" onto your mbed. The instructions to wire up the mbed to your television and PS/2 keyboard are shown here.

To see the sourcecode, download the archive from Sourceforge linked from the main web page. It uses the off-line Codesourcery GCC compiler and build tools.

Of course all LPC21xx and LPC23xx models that were supported earlier are still supported.