Upverter - EDA tools for the web

23 Sep 2011

I came across a site called Upverter recently. It calls itself "EDA Tools for the Web", and offers a few features: - Online HTML5 editor - infinitely large canvas - crowd-sourced part library (I added mbed) - annotations & comments - parts have attributes, which can be shown on schematic or as annotation

As well as an editor, it produces exportable BOMs, has versioning/forking, and github integration (haven't used it yet, but some might find it useful)

I've only spent about 10 minutes using it, but it seems to work well except for a few quirks with net routing (some unusual shapes) and label placing (on top of other parts and nets), but nothing major.

Here's my quick design - http://upverter.com/alex89/6002/Mbed-with-potentiometer/

What do you think? I will probably stick with Eagle, but it seems like a great online schematic creation tool