Announcement: Mbed plugin for Visual Studio

25 Jan 2016

Hi All,

Just wanted to announce that we have added mbed support to VisualGDB, our Visual Studio plugin for embedded development.

A detailed step-by-step guide on creating and debugging a sample project is available here:

Any feedback is welcome here or on our forum.

26 Mar 2016

Great, very good news! I was already using VisualGDB with mbed, but now it's even easer. Thank you.

11 Apr 2016

Just FYI, I've added the project to the official docs on offline development and debugging here:

16 Apr 2017

Thats great news!

Does VisualGDB also support the option to build mbed Code for a specific controler (e.g. STM32F042F4P6) instead of eval-boards (e.g. Nucleo_F446RE)?

16 Jul 2017

if i want to export the libraries ,which IDE plat form should i chose?

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