Call for beta testers - new cookbook wiki

22 May 2010


A new version of the site is now available for general beta testing.

A bit of background to the upcoming upgrade:

The current cookbook wiki has been closed for quite a long time and many newer users will have never managed to contribute to it at all. The new cookbook is version 1.0 of what will hopefully become a really useful and high quality resource for mbed developers as well as potential mbed users. We will of course talk all about it and our plans in a blog post when it's fully released.

About beta testing, and how to try out the new cookbook:

We have a mechanism called 'beta mode' which is very similar to the 'labs mode' you may have seen on other sites. Quite simply, it's a way to access features which haven't yet been released to the general public.

In the past, the beta test has been restricted to a reasonably small number of people, but this time I'm opening it up to anybody. The idea is that you get your chance to say what you like and don't like about the next version of, and perhaps help us find any nasty bugs that have got past our own testing, before we go fully live with the new site.

What would be especially useful is for the useful information from the current cookbook to be ported to the new cookbook. You are of course free to create any new useful content - there's more information on the front page of the new cookbook.

If you're still reading - great! You can enable 'beta mode' at Please take note of the information on that page, and have fun!

PS - Your feedback on your experience is very welcome in the bugs & suggestions forum.

22 May 2010

I think the home page of the cookbook should organized a little better. I like how all of the HTTP examples are under the heading "Networking", but not knowing which modules are included in this page is tricky. I think that the main page should have headings as well as subheadings that can be accessed directly from the main cook book page rather then having to click networking and then HTTP Client for example.

As well, are users responsible for creating these sections or will they be added automatically just like the old cookbook?

Keep up the great work!

22 May 2010

Hi Vlad,

Of course at the moment the front page is just a very simple sort of placeholder - good idea about having sections, or categories. Having a front page which is like a table of contents should help people find what they want fast.

And yes, this is a users' wiki, so although the mbed team will probably do a lot of the work, it is totally yours to shape in the way which suits you best - whether you want to change the layout of the front page, or anything else. It's probably worth mentioning that the Cookbook is not a replacement for the Handbook in any way. The Handbook will continue to be updated and improved, and will remain the source of 'official' documentation.

Thanks for the feedback!