Newbbie here. How setup teraterm for mbed

12 Mar 2010

Hi i m new on mbeb and i try to run some programs

I tried some examples that prints to a terminal program like teraterm or Hyperterminal but with no luck

Can somebody please guide me step by step on this setup & configuration to "talk" to a pc terminal through mbed?

thanks & appreciate


12 Mar 2010

Have you installed the driver for the mbed USB interface on your PC. I don't have the details to point you to it, but you should be able to search and find it. After installing the driver, make sure that the  serial port created (on the PC) is set to the same serial parameters as the mbed. Then, you should be able to communicate with the mbed as a serial port over the USB link. You also will be able to see the mbed as a 2-MB FLASH Drive.

Good luck,

Jim Smith

12 Mar 2010

Thanks for your fast reply.

Mbed is working and show as a drive on my computer and even ran the first flashing led test program.

But i can;t communicate to any terminal program.

I did n't know that i need a driver and i couldn;t locate it also.

Any help appreciated.



12 Mar 2010 . Edited: 12 Mar 2010

The mbed doesn't need any driver to program, it just looks like a USB flash drive when you plug it in which by the sound of it is where you are at the moment.

If you want to talk to it over serial then you will need to install drivers - the description for setting this up is in the Handbook ( you can download the driver from here. There is also a description on setting up terraterm to talk to the mbed - just follow the steps in the Handbook and you should be good to go.


13 Mar 2010

Thank you Richard

Everything works now.

I tried some examples from this link but seems that are uncomplete.

Still trying to navigate through the site


14 Mar 2010

I'm glad you have managed to get started. If you can't find something just ask and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out.

I haven't used the terminal functions that much but maybe I should - it looks interesting.