Building an mbed project using IAR without exporting from the web IDE

21 Mar 2015

It should be possible to build a project using the mbed SDK and the IAR compiler without first building a starter project using the mbed web compiler and then exporting that project to IAR. My, initial exploration of the mbed SDK source indicates this should be so ... and I was hoping that if someone already had an example project this would save much time reinventing their steps. Has anyone done something similar ? or, am I missing something vital ? My interest is in developing some moderately advanced C++ for ARM Cortex M programming examples ... I have been exploring the mbed HAL model as well as digging around using the "blessed Google" for other similar efforts - and I have found a few ... though not that many. It will be a while before the Silabs boards become mbed enabled and these are the ones I am experimenting with as well as some boards from Embedded Artists. I quite like what I have seen so far of the mbed SDK framework architecture and it should form the basis of a nice case study ... I am making a start on putting together various UML diagrams and various graph type dependency diagrams to try and help my understanding of what is going on "under the bonnet". I also plan to do a similar exercise using the Keil and Atollic compilers. If you want to chat via email you can send me some thoughts and feedback to andrew dot elias at gmail dot com.

13 May 2015

You could maybe export a project (mbed_blinky) etc and compare the folder with a blank IAR project. I'm sure the configuration will be stored as easily-compared text files

edit:obviously with a supported board

14 May 2015

Guys, there is project generator which is what you need.

If you look at the records (tools/records), there is defined blinky demo for some boards and some tools. IAR is one of them. LPC1768 has IAR support therefore you can export blinky to IAR, uvision or coide. The records are predefined for mbed, so you just add your own projects to records and should be able to build up your application.

There's currently v0.6 in development, I suggest to install v0.6 from dev_v0.6 branch, it brings some new features and I appreciate testing it! More info about pgen:

@andrew, please look at it and provide feedback here or email me

15 May 2015