Robotis Bioloid Servos

06 Feb 2010

Has anyone worked with these servos?


 AX-12+ Smart Serial Servo available rfom


It claims to be RS485, but can via a 74HC126 be configured for half duplex ttl...  I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with them..  229.2oz-in of torque, 300' or continuos(software config) also gives feedback as to position, speed, temp, and lots more for $45...  Too good to be true?

02 Apr 2010

I am about to start working on one. Did you ever find a starting place? If nothing exists, i am going to be writing a lib for mbed if all goes as planned.

02 Apr 2010

Never ordered them..  They look great, and would be fun to work with but I didn't have enough time to do the research before making the purchase so I went with these instead...   They're a little better suited to my requirements, with the exception of the nice position,etc. feedback the bioloid servos give...

I'd love to see what you get going with them..!

09 Apr 2010

Hi Scott,

I ordered some of these, they just turned up. before I start hacking them from scratch, I thought I'd ask how you've got on so far, and if there are any gotchas i should be looking out for?



09 Apr 2010

Hi Chris,

I got as far as creating a unidirectional uart out of UART1 with flow control. I created the circuit described in the manual of the AX-12+ for communication.  I am willing to share what I have, and perhaps we can work together to make a motor spin. I was planning on making a public lib for them when I was done. I will be spending some time on it this weekend...


18 May 2011

My AX-12A showed up just today.

Do you all have any luck getting code written for this puppy? Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to dive in too.

Thanks, Jim

Update: Guess I should have looked a little harder: