17 Mar 2013

Wow! I got my application board and am having a blast! (The blasted ; at the ends of the lines keeps killing me though). New to C, so I'm starting by using the P&M approach. (plagiarize & modify).

Got servos, display, joystick, speaker, RGB LED, variable pots going already. even combined some of the demos for more versatility.

Hooked it up in the USB host mode to my Galaxy tablet (to get power for a demo)

I started with a 9 volt power supply but am looking for a 6-7 volt supply. The voltage regulator gets too hot with 9 volts input.

XBee, bluetooth & connecting to my 3pi robot are on my list.

What would be handy is a chart showing which pins/functions are hard wired (dedicated) to the hardware that is IN PLACE (soldered). And info if any of those can be used for other functions. What's available?

Having a blast. But if this "C conversion" of this old timer isn't successful, I'll be looking for a BASIC compiler for it. :) Bo

19 Mar 2013

I found the ideal powersupply on eBay. It is the Trisonic TS-556-7PA, 1.5v to 12v 1000ma max. They have a 500ma version for a couple bucks less. It has 'lots' of connectors to fit everything. I plan to adjust it until its output is 2v more than the first regulator, to 7 volts, and maybe check the ripple with a scope.

I'm still studying the I/O pins to see what could be used for other purposes, and about all I have found for sure is a serial port if the xBee isn't plugged in. I'm not complaining one bit, just curious.