NGX BlueBoard USB Bootloader (AN10866)

18 Nov 2012

All, I just received a NGX blueboard (LPC1768) and am trying to implement the USB bootloader with an MBed binary. I can get their default program to work but am having trouble using any compiled mbed programs. I am guessing that somehow I might need to spec in the Mbed compiler where to start in ROM? My question is has anyone gotten the AN10866 USB bootloader to work with Mbed programs? Any help is appreciated.

12 Dec 2012

I'm in the same boat. I'm running the 1768 on my own board, and have the bootloader from AN10866 running just fine. But I can't figure out how/if it is possible to use the mbed compiler to compile code that can be loaded this way. I found on line 920 of where is defines the LPC_FLASH_BASE as (0x00000000UL). But I don't know how to change that as it's in my project as a compiled binary. Nor do I know if changing that would be enough, or if the compiler target settings would have to be changed as well. It could probably be done by exporting your code to uVision from mbed and following the instructions in AN10866 for modifying the project settings, but then you're stuck with the 32k limit in uVision. At that point you might as well us the 11U24 which already has the bootloader on the chip. Anybody have a solution for loading new firmware via USB on the 1768, not on an mbed board?