19 Jun 2012

I have been working on a new development board for the LPC11U24 that is consistent with the size and package of the MBED. The idea is to produce a similar board as the LPCMINI, but capitalizing on the LPC11U24's native USB capability. I have included a SD card and an FTDI RS232 port for comm purposes. A second USB connector is added to allow direct downloads of firmware and USB comms. 10 4 Layer boards have shipped from Iteadstudio today and I expect them sometime this week. I am looking forward to getting this thing up and running.

Schematics - >/media/uploads/ohararp/mbed_umini_a.pdf

/media/uploads/ohararp/mbed_umini_a_top.jpg /media/uploads/ohararp/mbed_umini_a_bot.jpg

27 Jul 2012

Well, I finally got the prototype of these boards put together. They work really well. I had to swap out the resonator I originally intended for an actual crystal (see ugly hot glue blob). One more iteration though with the correct crystal and this will be all set. Programming the LPC11U24 with the usb bootloader is very similar to the current mBed setup. Its very sweet! I wish the LPC1768 had a similar interface. /media/uploads/ohararp/2012-07-27_14-05-27_594.jpg

27 Jul 2012

Nice mate. Maybe if you could squeeze the Ftdi and uSD on the top front might be a bit easier and cheaper from an assembly viewpoint ?. Might need to shuftie the USB over a bit tho :)

27 Jul 2012

Ideally, everything would be on the top, but I didn't want to stray too much from the mBed packaging. 4 Layer boards are a bit pricey and I would move away from this too if I could.