mbed timer interrupt

23 Nov 2011

Hi! I'm trying to do some interrupt experiements with mbed. However I have some questions about the timer interrupts. (Trying to make a led blink per second using timer interrupt)

Used to use Arduino ,was no problem to customize the ISR routine. But here I'm having basic difficulties to find where to start. If somebody could give me basic information...

I'm looking to configure something similar to

ISR(TIMER2_OVF_vect) { };

Thnx in advance..

24 Nov 2011

I believe it's the Ticker you're looking for.

24 Nov 2011

I'm trying to make a multiprocessing OS ,so i need to make a scheduler + led blinking each second 'near' the hardware to avoid as much as it is possible latency. I'm not sure tha ticker would give me that option..

i'll study http://mbed.org/forum/mbed/topic/2873/?page=1#comment-14633 http://mbed.org/users/AjK/notebook/getting-closer-to-the-hardware/ hopefully to get some answers and i'll post them...