Anyone got FreeRTOS running on the embed ?

25 Apr 2011

Hugo... having a bit of trouble getting your toolchain to build on OS X. I've gotten your distribution and followed the instructions. Did "make install-deps" to add GMP, MPC and MPFR, but when compiling the toolchain it stops on the GCC configuration saying that I'm missing those libraries. It's seeing the header files properly, but it doesn't look like it's seeing the libraries.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm somewhat inexperienced with make. I'm not 100% sure if I need to edit the makefile with the appropriate "--with" options, or if I need to do something else. It looks like the libraries were installed in my /usr/local/lib/ directory. Any idea what I'm missing?

The exact message is below:

checking for the correct version of gmp.h... yes
checking for the correct version of mpfr.h... yes
checking for the correct version of mpc.h... yes
checking for the correct version of the gmp/mpfr/mpc libraries... no
configure: error: Building GCC requires GMP 4.2+, MPFR 2.3.1+ and MPC 0.8.0+. Try the --with-gmp, --with-mpfr and/or --with-mpc options to specify their locations. Source code for these libraries can be found at their respective hosting sites as well as at See also for additional info. If you obtained GMP, MPFR and/or MPC from a vendor distribution package, make sure that you have installed both the libraries and the header files. They may be located in separate packages.

29 Nov 2011


I'm trying to compile what AndyC said, but the compilation trhow an error:

  CC    cr_startup_lpc17.c
  CC    main.c
  CC    ./Source/list.c
  CC    ./Source/queue.c
  CC    ./Source/tasks.c
  CC    ./Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM3/port.c
  CC    ./Source/portable/MemMang/heap_1.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/BlockQ.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/PollQ.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/QPeek.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/GenQTest.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/blocktim.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/flash.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/recmutex.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/integer.c
  CC    ./Common/Minimal/semtest.c
  CC    webserver/emac.c
  CC    ParTest.c
  CC    syscalls.c
  CC    printf-stdarg.c
  CC    webserver/httpd-cgi.c
  CC    webserver/psock.c
  CC    webserver/uip_arp.c
  CC    webserver/uIP_Task.c
  CC    webserver/httpd.c
  CC    webserver/httpd-fs.c
  CC    webserver/http-strings.c
  CC    webserver/timer.c
  CC    webserver/uip.c
  LD    gcc/RTOSDemo.axf
arm-none-eabi-ld: cannot find gcc/ No such file or directory
make: *** [gcc/RTOSDemo.axf] Error 1

I'm not sure if my makedef is ok, but I modified the last lines of this files like this:

# The rule for linking the application.
	@if [ 'x${VERBOSE}' = x ]; \
	 then                      \
	     echo "  LD    ${@}";  \
ifeq (${COMPILER}, gcc)
	@if [ 'x${VERBOSE}' != x ];                           \
	 then                                                 \
	     echo ${LD} -T ${SCATTER_${notdir ${@:.axf=}}}    \
	                --entry ${ENTRY_${notdir ${@:.axf=}}} \
	                ${LDFLAGS} -o ${@} ${^}               \
	                '${LIBC}' '${LIBGCC}';                \
	@${LD} -T ${SCATTER_${notdir ${@:.axf=}}}    \
	       --entry ${ENTRY_${notdir ${@:.axf=}}} \
	       ${LDFLAGS} -o ${@} ${^}               \
	       '${LIBC}' '${LIBGCC}'
	@${OBJCOPY} -O binary ${@} ${@:.axf=.bin}

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