Predefined functions in mbed.h

03 Jan 2011

Can we look inside the predefined function in mbed.h and in the respective functions? such as DigitalOut.h and others? Thanks in advance :)

07 Jan 2011

Hi Zhen,

The short answer is no, they are closed source, we just make the headers and the compiled library available.

The longer answer would include the reasoning. While we make every effort to ensure the libraries are high quality, we are not yet entirely happy with the architecture, and so are likely to undertake a rewrite at some point. In addition to this, while they are closed source, it is not possible for users to create forks/branches to add thier own features, and so everybody benefits because we are all using the same library because of code re-usability and compatibility.

I dare say that one day when the architecture is right, and the feature set is right (based on the constant feedback we get), the libraries will be opened. Until then, it is just headers and the .ar

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Chris

23 Oct 2014

Guys? There are errors in the libraries all over the place, currently the DigitalOut.h for the arch pro is wrong! there is no definition for P1_0 and P0_0 if there is i'm not able to find it. how do we fix stuff like this?

Just asking


23 Oct 2014

mbed-src is open for contributions at Github, and also avialable as a replacement for the mbed library. Just delete 'mbed' from your project, and import mbed-src. Feel free to contribute to

23 Oct 2014

Also note that you responded to a very old post, which is not relevant anymore!

It might also help to give more information regarding your question, since P1_0, etc should be defined for the Arch Pro.