Is there any full documented RTOS for mbed?

10 Oct 2010

I've read about Andy C's port of FreeRTOS on mbed (, but he uses gcc instead of online compilers and this makes it more difficult to create project with this development solution...Is it possible to obtain a port which will use the mbed's compiler?Which are the problem given by the compiler?Are there any other RTOS that will run correctly on mbed?


10 Oct 2010

Hi Andrea

Have a look here about Igor Skochinsky's scmRTOS port.


10 Oct 2010 . Edited: 10 Oct 2010

There are a few folks playing around with scmRTOS using the online compiler, chck out the thread .

scmRTOS - small RTOS for mbed


Daniel beet me to it

10 Oct 2010

Thank you for your help Peter, but what about FreeRTOS? Will be possible to use this kernel?

10 Oct 2010

Matt did you say "folks" because you think it's a bad solution?

10 Oct 2010 . Edited: 10 Oct 2010

"folks" as in people and i have no issues with scmRTOS.

From the thread it seems jason berry and Daniel Peter are trying scmRTOS, and i myself have had a read of the manual, and may look a using it for a project.

I cant help with FreeRTOS as i haven't look that far into using it.

As far as i know Hugo Vincent & Andy C have done the most work with FreeRTOS but they are both using offline compilers.

10 Oct 2010

And what about Coocox?I'm trying to compile it and it seems to give only few errors which require a cast...

10 Oct 2010

Well, I've been using Coocox in my mbed for a while, compiled with codesourcery's gcc. I did simple things, so I couldn't say anything about its performance.

Under Linux it isn't difficult to get running.

18 Feb 2011

The QP state machine framework is a modern real-time operating system (RTOS) specifically designed for executing event-driven state machines. In fact, the QP framework for mbed contains a fully preemptive priority-based kernel for ARM Cortex, which provides as good deterministic execution as any other preemptive RTOS. The QK kernel is also fully compatible with the rate-monotonic analysis (RMA) for hard real-time applications.

The QP framework (deployed as the QP state machine framework) comes with several examples that demonstrate how to use the framework on mbed. The qp_dpp example demonstrates how to build applications with QP. The qm_pelican example describes how to use the free QM modeling tool to develop QP applications graphically. The QM tool takes mbed programming to the next level, by eabling automiatic code generation of complete mbed programs.

The documentation posted on QL Notebook pages plus many references Application Notes describe the main concepts and how to get started with QP on mbed.

11 Aug 2011

I'm looking for an RTOS for a project I have:

  • 2 x I2C busses each with 4x16-bit I2C Expanders (ie 96 I/O)s
  • Each I2C Expander has a H/W interrupt for input signalling.
  • Requires HTTP server, thus TCP/IP.

I'd like to drive it all with an RTOS to provide some structure to the code but ..

  • scmRTOS documentation is now only in Russian and I can find no-one else running scmRTOS + lwip.
  • QuantumLeaps looks Ok, but it's lwip (v1.4) port is incomplete (and I'm not sure I'd be able to complete it).
  • FreeRTOS requires "offline" compilation. Whilst I have code-red for an LCPExpresso, I'd like to use the MBED online tools to keep it native.

Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions?



11 Aug 2011

Hi Anthony,

I choose for me CooCox RTOS and I share v1.1.4 in my page. I think is the best RTOS for ARM Cortex-M3 MCU.

Regards, Stas

14 Feb 2012

Andrea Zanelli wrote:

Are there any other RTOS that will run correctly on mbed?

You may give our new RTOS library a go:

Cheers, Emilio

14 Feb 2012

Hi guys,

have a look at this one:

Got it up and running in about an hour with over 10 processes. These include 2 LCD character display, 2 rotary encoders, keypad scanner, a few extra buttons and a couple of leds.... Was not able to fix this with conventional programming...

Fully documented and won a prize in the mbed challenge...

Worth while trying!

14 Feb 2012

Can you point to the mBos documentation or did I just not find it in the link provided above?

Cheers, Sebastian

15 Feb 2012

Hi Sebastian.

The documentation is available through

Just go to:

Here you can download the entry complete with documentation.

Regards, Willem

16 Feb 2012

Thanks a lot Willem, much appreciated.

Cheers, Sebastian