SimpleSerialProtocol test

27 Aug 2014

Hey, I've just updated my library called SimpleSerialProtocol that allows you to easily communicate over serial to applications using binary packets rather than ascii and I included some example applications written in java and would like it if someone could confirm they are working as intended as I haven't distributed executable java before.

As far as I'm aware my libraries SerialFileTransfer and SimpleSerialProtocol will only work on LPC1768.

Import programSerialFileReceiver

An example program for SerialFileTransfer, receives files from a java application and stores them on the LocalFileSystem

Import programSimpleSerialProtocolExample

An example Program for the SimpleSerialProtocol Library, This program will receive a packet, then echo it back to the client

Any help would be appreciated


24 Feb 2016

Hi Chris,

In case you wan't to make sure your Java program is behaving as intented on different platforms, you could test it on platforms like Appveyor or Travis CI if your code is hosted on github or bitbucket. With such integration services, for each new commit on github, the code is built and tests are run (if any) on pristine machines, running different OSes, ensuring that there is nothing broken on your side.

I have done the exact same thing for my communication library ( for the python protocol implementation.

I intend to do the same thing for the C protocol implementation (I maintain the code on github, not mbed) because frankly it's very cool to see immediately that a merge from a developement branch won't break anything in the master. Gives peace of mind.