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Building a HTTP Server - Can't find "#include "EthernetNetIf.h"

14 Apr 2014

I have tried a number of the sample network clients and servers ( ) and they all end up failing to build due to errors in finding either EthernetNetif.h and rpc.h .

Generally - none of the networking samples appear to work even after I go through the "FixIt" steps (Error 5) and choose components, and do "Update" to ensure they are current.

I am experimenting with : frdm-k64f

I did get the helloWorld to a serial console working ;-)

Any beginner advice welcome !

14 Apr 2014

for RPC, it has been superceded by mbed-rpc:

EthernetNetif is fairly old, but you might try this:

Or use this library:

15 Apr 2014


The Ethernet driver code for the K64F is not ready yet. See:

Also, you will probably have to use EthernetInterface code going forward. I believe that EthernetNetIf will not be supported.


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