SimpleSocket reception of binary frames, 0x00 byte

23 May 2012

Hello mbeders!

I have been implementing a simple TCP server with SimpleSocket, that receives binary frames of fixed length and processes them somehow. I works every time, except when the byte frame contains a 0x00 byte, which it drops, breaking the frame. I had gone through checking whether it was caused by the TCP protocol itself, by my Python program, and came to the conclussion that it is SimpleSockets, after successfully receiving frames with 0x00 bytes by skipping SimpleSocket and using the TCPSockets.h library directly.

Has anybody found a workaround for this issue! Perhaps Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi can sort it out in no time?

Thanks for your attention!

23 May 2012

Well I didn't know about library edition and creation, so I updated the library to fix the issue. It is working now as expected.

05 Jun 2012

Hi Luis,

Thanks for reporting a bug. I have fixed and updated the library.


05 Jun 2012


Would it be difficult to add support to UDP sockets. connected and so on wouldn't apply, of course.

(There's a coding error in lwip, I read, where the MTU constant is too small)

06 Jun 2012

Hi Steve,

DatagramSocket is a class for handling UDP, which is included in the SimpleSocket.