Send data from mbed to an ftp server

18 Nov 2011

Hello. I would save date logs from the analog inputs (sensors like rpm, airpressure and temperature) to a csv file on a directly conencted usb-device. All sensors should update every second and log the data. This is not the big problem. But now my question: i want to send every hour the csv file to an ftp server via gprs modem but will not interrupt the logging from my sensors. How can i do these? Maybe anyone can give me a little help.

02 Dec 2011

any idea?

16 Dec 2011

any ideas

16 Dec 2011

I think you should use 1 timer irqhandler to readout the sensors. All other IRQs should be disabled. At 3600s switch to another file and use idle handler to copy your data from file 1.

30 Dec 2011

Did you manage to send the files out via ftp? I would be interested in that.

13 Jan 2012

no sorry. not yet.