How can i connect via ethernet to the mbed?

11 Nov 2011

Hello. I have a mbed connected with a gprs modem. Every few seconds i send from mbed via modem a signal to a ftpserver. But how can i connect from a pc via ethernet to the mbed? For this i need a dyndns because the ip from the modem is not static. How can i solve this problem or has anyone a better idea? Or what is the best dyndns for do this?

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18 Nov 2011

no answer?

18 Nov 2011

Have you read the socket examples in the cookbook ?

You dont need a dyndns service if you are just sending your signal packets to your static server . However , if you are running a web server on the mbed , or want to access mbed from the internet ... I suppose the easiest way is to configure your router for portforwarding and dyndns and not the mbed itself ! Most ADSL modem routers have a configuration page for or something similar .

18 Nov 2011

Sorry but this would not help because the mbed works outdoor (for scanning temps and airquality aso) and so the only connection to the internet is via gprs modem. And this modem hasn't any static ip-address.

02 Dec 2011

any idea?

03 Dec 2011

Markus Hof wrote:

Every few seconds i send from mbed via modem a signal to a ftpserver.


Or what is the best dyndns for do this?

Who owns the FTP server? Is it running on a machine that you can configure? If so, is there a way for it to log information about the data it is receiving? If it does so and it logs the IP address then the PC could query this log to get the IP address of your mbed.

You could also issue a HTTP request from the mbed to every 5 minutes or longer (they don't want people hitting it any more often than this), parse the result, and log it to your FTP where the PC could find it. This page talks about the rules you should follow when using this website for automation and this link is what you would actually want to query from your automation:

22 May 2013

Hi Markus,

Did you get any solution for this issue?

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23 May 2013

Not sure about Markus, but I had a similar issue. I had a webserver on a raspberry pi with a GSM modem that we wanted remote access.

This applies to the U.K., and it may be different in different countries.

Standard SIM cards give a connection to the internet that is effectively 'NAT/firewalled' by the mobile phone company. Running DynDns will give you an IP address, but you will still be prevented making inbound connections.

I ended up buying a fixed-IP sim card from, and this works fine.