nRF52-DK BLE_URIBeacon example does not compile.

18 Dec 2017


I'm tying out some examples on the nRF52-DK board i have and have run into the issue that the "BLE_URIBeacon" example at "" won't compile.

As this example is referenced on the nRF52-DK page i'm assuming this should work.

The compiler gives the error : Error: Identifier "DFUService" is undefined in "main.cpp", Line: 93, Col: 6

The file BLE_URIBeacon_Example/BLE_API/ble/services/DFUService.h has the line :

  1. ifdef TARGET_NRF51822 /* DFU only supported on nrf51 platforms */

Should this be "TARGET_NRF52832" ? Should I define TARGET_NRF51822 ?

Kind regards, Ivo

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