mbed tutorials

15 Apr 2011


I'm presently near the end of Bert van Dam's "ARM Microcontrollers 1", and have found it to be a good introduction to mbed.

I'm now wondering if there are any more tutorials out there, apart from the information on this site? Apparently there will be Books 2 and 3 at some point, but I don't know when...

Any suggestions welcome.



16 Apr 2011

Hi Chris

I too have purchased this book, but haven`t finished working through it yet. I also have found it pretty useful in that, for me it fills in the gaps between cookbook/handbook and forum. There is an awful lot of info on this website, and I have tried to cobble together any information available for my own projects. I understand that the next books in the series will not be mbed specific, but more generally ARM based. I would also welcome any information as to when these books will become available.

16 Apr 2011

From a communication with the author back in January:

" The 2nd book will be available 4th quarter this year, the 3rd book in 2012. "