Help in choose a sunlight readable LCD or identify this one

24 Feb 2015

Hi all,

i'm looking for a wide view angle, sunlight readable, with backlight for night, monochrome LCD, around 80mmx50mm 128x64 pixels at min, COG or COB does not matter. So far i bought some from Eastrising, i choose the FSTN transflective ones with rear (not side) led backlight, other transflective fstn from newheaven are near to come, but from specs the view angle is between +-45°. I've read here and there that transflective is the way to go, but in some case a reflective with side light could work too. I've not experience in LCD tech, but for example i saw a car radio which have a very wide viewing angle, (seems) side anyone know what type of LCD is this? I mean, STN, FSTN, reflective, transflective....if such wide angle view is common to some special type of LCD or whatever comes in mind. Thanks for any help. /media/uploads/Geremia/image001.jpg /media/uploads/Geremia/image002.jpg /media/uploads/Geremia/image003.jpg /media/uploads/Geremia/image005.jpg

17 Jul 2015

If that is a car display, it is very likely a custom made DSTN.