save pictures from digicam/smartphone camera to an external SD card

22 Jan 2014

this isnt mbed specific, its more of an engineering/software general question.

is it possible to control the digicam/smartphone camera to take snapshot pictures upon certain user initiated actions via microcontroller and save the image into an external SD Card?

the flow would simply be like:


materials: microcontroller - with SDcard module/shield



1. push a hard button

2. digicam/smartphone recognize the action and take snapshot pictures

3. digicam/smartphone stores the pictures into an external SD card connected to a microcontroller

13 Jul 2016

Hi. This is just what I need, to record images at certain times. So it will be like a timer record. Setting the smartphone to record at certain times of day or on a certain event. So just starting on this. Have you got anywhere yourself, or has anyone else? Stuart