Another way to connect SPI daisy chain.

15 Oct 2011

Please, help me.

I'm resarching for SPI daisy chain.

MAXIM uses this way,

They shift the signal each devices.

I'm looking for other way to connection.

Does anyone know SPI daisy chain?

I try to make "pile up SPI modules".

Maxim's IC is useless for this system, because the bus lines are all parallel.

Like this,

I used 1 wire pulse signals.

But, It is not good for timer interrupt system.

I found other ways with PIC.

However, I want to use dedicated IC for SPI daisy chain, if it exists.

My page

15 Oct 2011

Thank you for sending many advices on Facebook. I found it! But, the setting the channels is few. I'll try to make it.

Facebookへのメッセージありがとうございました。 チャンネル数は減っていしまいそうですが、うまくいきそうです。 試に作ってみます!