Wiki edit stopped working for team repository with dependency

07 May 2015

I have created a "Public (Unlisted)" repository in a team I am owner and I was able to edit the Wiki pages and the homepage. I've created pages and put content in them. I get the following message (*ignore the URL* in the screenshot): /media/uploads/spastor/screenshot.png

After some tests I have found how to reproduce. This only happens when I add a dependency with another library. As long as I add a dependency, the Wiki links throw errors and don't allow editing. It also doesn't matter if the repository is public, unlisted or private. But it does work fine on a personal (not a team) repository. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a library repository in a team. I chose "Public (Unlisted)" but it also happened with "Private", didn't try "Public"
  2. Edit homepage, it works fine.
  3. Import into an empty project in online compiler.
  4. Add a dependency with any other library. I used TextLCD.
  5. Commit and publish changes.
  6. Go to repo homepage and try editting. It will not work and will show a "Page error", also the "Wiki" tab won't work.

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