Updating collaboration libraries

03 Jul 2012

I just tried to update to the latest version of the EthernetInterface library using the 'Update' button on the right side bar when clicked on the library like you would do to update the main mbed library. This asked to commit several different times for different files and it now appears I've created my own fork of the main library. This definitely wasn't my intention.

Sure this should be the action when clicking 'Publish' and not 'Update'?

10 Jul 2012


The upcoming collaboration set of features enables different collaboration models, distributed version control workflows, but also adds the ability to keep track of the state of a program/library, its libraries and sub-libraries, to effectively create snapshots of the whole structure - working set (code base), relativity to public repositories, revision numbers, basically everything.
To ensure that one can return to the previous state of a program and its libraries after an update, we have added the requirement that all uncommitted changes are committed before updating.

After we gathered various opinions and experimented with different use cases, we concluded that this is not always the desired behavior and the Compiler should offer a quick way to discard all local uncommitted changes and update the program/library to the latest revision. To enable this "quick update" behavior we have added the "Update Anyway" button when local uncommitted changes are detected, with a description that briefly explains the consequences of using it.

I hope the new option enables the workflow you are expecting.
Thanks for your feedback and your opinion on the matter, we really appreciate it!