EFM32PG12_STK3402 - Expansion header Pin Naming is wrong

25 Apr 2018


I found out that the pin names of the expansion header for the EFM32PG12_STK3402 is wrong. It is defined as:

Wrong Expansion header Pin Naming

    EXP3  = PA8,
    EXP4  = PC6,
    EXP5  = PA9,
    EXP6  = PC7,
    EXP7  = PF3,
    EXP8  = PC8,
    EXP9  = PF4,
    EXP10 = PC9,
    EXP11 = PF5,
    EXP12 = PA6,
    EXP13 = PF6,
    EXP14 = PA7,
    EXP15 = PC11,
    EXP16 = PC10,

But referencing to UG257: EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG12 Starter Kit User's Guide Chapter 4 it should be:

Correct Expansion header Pin Naming

    EXP3  = PC9,
    EXP4  = PA6,
    EXP5  = PD9,
    EXP6  = PA7,
    EXP7  = PB6,
    EXP8  = PA8,
    EXP9  = PB7,
    EXP10 = PA9
    EXP11 = PB8,
    EXP12 = PD10,
    EXP13 = PD8,
    EXP14 = PD11
    EXP15 = PC11,
    EXP16 = PC10,

BR Philipp

09 May 2018

Hi Phillip,

Thank you for notifying us of the problem! It appears that SiLabs may have incorrectly used the expansion header for another Gecko board as the headers are slightly different. We'll call this to their attention.

-Ralph, Team Mbed