CAN attach problem

29 Aug 2010

The latest library version 25, the attach function doesn't work using CAN can(P0_21, P0_22)

but works fine using CAN can(P2_7, P2_8) . Everything else seems ok, I can read and send, but just doesnt generate a attach interrupt apon recieving a message. Yet P2_7,P2_8 works?

Thanks Jason

01 Sep 2010

Confirmed as a bug - hope to release a fixed version of the library soon.

03 Sep 2010

There is a new version of the library which should fix this problem.

14 May 2013

Has this bug been fixed? I see that the problem was identified in 2010. I am trying to use the attach function but it doesn't work. Another guy who seems to be having the same problem:

I tried using both P9/P10 and P30/P29. It doesn't work in either case.

Any help will be appreciated.

14 May 2013

can2.attach function on P30/P29 works as expected.