Linux Support

04 Mar 2019

I would like to see Linux support. I would hazard a guess that a lot of Mbed-OS developers use Linux as well.

Please comment on this discussion if you'd like to see Linux support for Mbed Studio.

05 Mar 2019

Yes, Linux support would be indeed necessary for most developers.

08 Mar 2019

I'll echo that, would really like to see Linux support.

24 Mar 2019

Linux support would be necessary for us to consider it.

24 Mar 2019

I would also like linux support

26 Mar 2019

Not sure if I should add an extra post just to say the same, but Linux used to be the the base OS on all embedded development. I now have to run Windows in a VM on my Linux to use the facilities offered by Mbed Studio, which is worth it, because I like the promises of Mbed Studio, but also cumbersome (and I had to pay for a Windows licence too...).

01 Apr 2019

Linux support would be nice... I don't want to N * (boot windows... update windows...) anymore..

08 Aug 2019

I would really like to see a Linux version. Back when I was going an embedded development course, we were working in teams while writing the code for a couple of MCUs for a CAN network.

The ones that had the most problems during the course were the students that were developing on Windows, they ran across problems all the time and ended up wasting a lot of valuable time on either troubleshooting or compatibility issues. We that were developing in Linux however rarely ran across any problems and could spend the time on developing instead and ended up miles ahead of those that weren't.

The teachers even said that using Linux was going to be a requirement for the next course as troubleshooting Windows takes away too much valuable time.

19 Nov 2019

Mbed Studio is made with electron and is apparently based on VSCode. Linux support would be simple because the electron is multiplatform (and so is VSCode). It's a bad decision for a company that develops programming applications not to support Linux, as it is much easier and safer to set up a Linux development environment and many programmers prefer to work with Linux.