06 Aug 2016

Hello mbed team, I just wanted to send you my congratulations for the huge achievement.

It was a shame seeing the fragmentation of the mbed ecosystem across mbed OS 2 and mbed OS 3.

In mbed OS 5 I can see a lot of attention to details to provide a unified, consistent, and simplified customer experience. I know how difficult it is to engineer that, both from a technical and social perspective.

Providing a platform integrating an RTOS, an event driven system, communication stacks, security, and all sorts of peripheral drivers, you are establishing mbed OS as the default choice for countless embedded products: a perfect choice for embedded developers and therefore silicon vendors.

Kudos, Emilio

08 Aug 2016

Thanks Emilo,

Very much appreciated!


08 Aug 2016

Thanks, Emilio. Really glad to hear you like it!

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