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Error codes

  • 255 - Unable to connect to the API
  • 254 - The build system is offline
  • 250 - Invalid API response
  • 242 - Compile task timed out
  • 241 - Compile task failed
  • 240 - Invalid task status
  • 235 - Invalid message type
  • 230 - The build system did not finish successfully

Keyboard shortcuts


Shortcut Description
Hold Ctrl Interactive mode
Shift + Home Select from current position to beginning of line
Shift + End Select from current position to end of line
Ctrl + Home Go to beginning of file
Ctrl + End Go to end of file
Ctrl + Shift + Home Select from current position to beginning of file
Ctrl + Shift + End Select from current position to end of file
Shift + Page Up Select from current position up one page
Shift + Page Down Select from current position down one page
Shift + any arrow Extend or reduce text selection
Ctrl + left arrow Go to beginning of current or previous word
Ctrl + right arrow Go to beginning of the next word
Ctrl + up arrow Scroll up one row
Ctrl + down arrow Scroll down one row

Ctrl key sequences

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + B Compile only (no download prompt)
Ctrl + Shift + B Compile all and download
Ctrl + C Copy (only selected text)
Ctrl + Shift + C Commit
Ctrl + D Compile and download
Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate line
Ctrl + E Erase current line
Ctrl + F Find and replace
Ctrl + Alt + F Find in files
Ctrl + Shift + F Format code (selected text or current file)
Ctrl + H Find and replace
Ctrl + K Find and replace
Ctrl + L Change selected text to lower case
Ctrl + R Current file's revision history (must be in single file mode)
Ctrl + S Save current file
Ctrl + Alt + S Save as
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all
Ctrl + U Change select text to upper case
Ctrl + V Paste text from clipboard
Ctrl + W Close current file (doesn't work on Chrome)
Ctrl + Shift + W Close all (doesn't work on Chrome)
Ctrl + X Cut selected text
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + / Toggle line comment (using slashes)
Ctrl + Shift + / Toggle block comment (using /* ... */)


Shortcut Description
Tab Increase text indent
Shift + Tab Decrease text indent
Esc Close find or toggle editor area full screen
Ins Toggle insert mode
Ctrl + Ins Copy selected text
Shift + Ins Paste text from clipboard
Shift + Del Delete selected text
F8 Compile only (no download prompt)
F9 Compile and download
F10 Compile all and download

Touch device shortcuts


Shortcut Description
Single tap Move the cursor
Double tap Text selection on the tapped word (opens context menu)
Triple tap Text selection on the tapped row (opens context menu)
Hold Context menu
Touch + drag Text selection until the touch is released (opens context menu)

Compiler IDE

Shortcut Description
Single tap Equivalent to single mouse click
Double tap Equivalent to double mouse click
Hold Equivalent to right click (opens context menu)
Touch + drag Equivalent to mouse dragging
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