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Arm Mbed OS quick start

This quick start gets an example application running on your board. It shows how to create and build an application, select your build target, flash your board and interact with your device.

Blinky is a simple application that blinks the LED on your development board every 500 milliseconds.

The quick start offers two versions of Blinky: the full profile version and the bare metal version. The workflow for both is identical, but the source code is imported from different repositories.

Please choose how to proceed

Build with Mbed Studio Build with Mbed Online Compiler Build with Mbed CLI 1
Download our dedicated desktop IDE, including all the necessary tools to work with Mbed OS.
This link will take you to the Mbed Studio documentation site.
Zero-installation web IDE to explore Mbed OS; great for rapid prototyping and education. Command-line tool requiring manual setup, but providing the greatest degree of flexibility.

Once you have this application working, check the further reading section to add functionality.

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