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1 /*
2  * Copyright (c) 2018, Arm Limited and affiliates.
3  * SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
4  *
5  * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
6  * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
7  * You may obtain a copy of the License at
8  *
9  * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
10  *
11  * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
12  * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
13  * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
14  * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
15  * limitations under the License.
16  */
20 #include "CellularContext.h"
21 #include "AT_CellularBase.h"
22 #include "Semaphore.h"
24 const int MAX_APN_LENGTH = 63 + 1;
26 namespace mbed {
28 class AT_CellularDevice;
31 public:
32  AT_CellularContext(ATHandler &at, CellularDevice *device, const char *apn = 0, bool cp_req = false, bool nonip_req = false);
33  virtual ~AT_CellularContext();
35 // from CellularBase/NetworkInterface
36  virtual nsapi_error_t set_blocking(bool blocking);
37  virtual NetworkStack *get_stack();
38  virtual nsapi_error_t get_ip_address(SocketAddress *address);
39  virtual const char *get_ip_address();
40  virtual char *get_interface_name(char *interface_name);
41  virtual void attach(mbed::Callback<void(nsapi_event_t, intptr_t)> status_cb);
42  virtual nsapi_error_t connect();
43  virtual nsapi_error_t disconnect();
44  virtual nsapi_connection_status_t get_connection_status() const;
45  virtual bool is_connected();
46  // from CellularBase
47  virtual void set_plmn(const char *plmn);
48  virtual void set_sim_pin(const char *sim_pin);
49  virtual nsapi_error_t connect(const char *sim_pin, const char *apn = 0, const char *uname = 0,
50  const char *pwd = 0);
51  virtual void set_credentials(const char *apn, const char *uname = 0, const char *pwd = 0);
52  virtual nsapi_error_t get_netmask(SocketAddress *address);
53  virtual const char *get_netmask();
54  virtual nsapi_error_t get_gateway(SocketAddress *address);
55  virtual const char *get_gateway();
57 // from CellularContext
59  virtual nsapi_error_t get_rate_control(CellularContext::RateControlExceptionReports &reports,
60  CellularContext::RateControlUplinkTimeUnit &time_unit, int &uplink_rate);
61  virtual nsapi_error_t get_apn_backoff_timer(int &backoff_timer);
63  virtual nsapi_error_t set_sim_ready();
66  virtual void set_file_handle(FileHandle *fh);
68  virtual void set_file_handle(UARTSerial *serial, PinName dcd_pin = NC, bool active_high = false);
69 #endif // #if DEVICE_SERIAL
70  virtual void enable_hup(bool enable);
74  AT_CellularDevice *get_device() const;
75 protected:
76  virtual void cellular_callback(nsapi_event_t ev, intptr_t ptr);
78  /** Does the authentication for the PDP Context if user name and password are provided.
79  * Can be overridden by the modem target if 3GPP default implementation if not an option
80  *
81  * @return NSAPI_ERROR_OK if no credentials provided or authentication was successful
82  * NSAPI_ERROR_AUTH_FAILURE if authentication failed
83  * NSAPI_ERROR_DEVICE_ERROR if communication with the modemm failed
84  */
87  /** Activates PDP context or in PPP mode opens data channel.
88  * Can be overridden by the modem target if 3GPP default implementation if not an option
89  */
90  virtual void do_connect();
92  /** Get the operation specific timeout. Used in synchronous mode when setting the maximum
93  * waiting time. Modem specific implementation can override this to provide different timeouts.
94  *
95  * @param op current operation
96  * @return timeout in milliseconds
97  */
98  virtual uint32_t get_timeout_for_operation(ContextOperation op) const;
100  virtual nsapi_error_t activate_non_ip_context();
101  virtual nsapi_error_t setup_control_plane_opt();
102  virtual void deactivate_non_ip_context();
103  virtual void deactivate_ip_context();
104  virtual void set_disconnect();
105  virtual void deactivate_context();
106  virtual bool get_context();
107  AT_CellularBase::CellularProperty pdp_type_t_to_cellular_property(pdp_type_t pdp_type);
108  bool set_new_context(int cid);
109 private:
111  nsapi_error_t open_data_channel();
112  void ppp_status_cb(nsapi_event_t ev, intptr_t ptr);
113  void ppp_disconnected();
114 #endif // #if NSAPI_PPP_AVAILABLE
115  nsapi_error_t do_activate_context();
116  virtual void activate_context();
117  nsapi_error_t find_and_activate_context();
118  nsapi_error_t activate_ip_context();
119  void check_and_deactivate_context();
120  void delete_current_context();
121  nsapi_error_t check_operation(nsapi_error_t err, ContextOperation op);
122  void ciot_opt_cb(mbed::CellularNetwork::CIoT_Supported_Opt ciot_opt);
123  virtual void do_connect_with_retry();
124  void do_disconnect();
125  void set_cid(int cid);
126 private:
127  ContextOperation _current_op;
128  FileHandle *_fh;
129  rtos::Semaphore _semaphore;
130  rtos::Semaphore _cp_opt_semaphore;
132 protected:
133  char _found_apn[MAX_APN_LENGTH];
134  // flag indicating if CP was requested to be setup
135  bool _cp_req;
136  bool _is_connected;
137 };
139 } // namespace mbed
Implements support for data transfer using Control Plane CIoT EPS optimization specified in 3GPP 23...
virtual void set_sim_pin(const char *sim_pin)
Set the PIN code for SIM card.
NetworkStack class.
Definition: NetworkStack.h:40
virtual char * get_interface_name(char *interface_name)
Get the network interface name.
The Semaphore class is used to manage and protect access to a set of shared resources.
Definition: Semaphore.h:47
Class CellularList.
Definition: CellularList.h:30
virtual ControlPlane_netif * get_cp_netif()
Returns the control plane AT command interface.
virtual nsapi_error_t register_to_network()
Start the interface.
CellularContext is CellularInterface/NetworkInterface with extensions for cellular connectivity...
Class CellularDevice.
signed int nsapi_error_t
Type used to represent error codes.
Definition: nsapi_types.h:95
Class FileHandle.
Definition: FileHandle.h:46
virtual nsapi_error_t get_rate_control(CellularContext::RateControlExceptionReports &reports, CellularContext::RateControlUplinkTimeUnit &time_unit, int &uplink_rate)
Get APN rate control.
Class providing buffered UART communication functionality using separate circular buffer for send and...
Definition: UARTSerial.h:51
virtual void do_connect()
Activates PDP context or in PPP mode opens data channel.
virtual nsapi_error_t attach_to_network()
Start the interface.
virtual nsapi_error_t disconnect()
Stop the interface.
virtual void cellular_callback(nsapi_event_t ev, intptr_t ptr)
The CellularDevice calls the status callback function on status changes on the network or CellularDev...
virtual void attach(mbed::Callback< void(nsapi_event_t, intptr_t)> status_cb)
Register callback for status reporting.
virtual void set_plmn(const char *plmn)
Set the plmn.
virtual nsapi_error_t get_apn_backoff_timer(int &backoff_timer)
Get backoff timer value.
Cellular PDP context class.
SocketAddress class.
Definition: SocketAddress.h:35
virtual nsapi_error_t set_sim_ready()
Start the interface.
virtual nsapi_error_t connect()
Attempt to connect to a cellular network.
Class AT_CellularBase.
virtual void set_file_handle(FileHandle *fh)
Set the file handle used to communicate with the modem.
virtual uint32_t get_timeout_for_operation(ContextOperation op) const
Get the operation specific timeout.
Class AT_CellularDevice.
virtual nsapi_error_t set_blocking(bool blocking)
Set asynchronous operation of connect() and disconnect() calls.
virtual nsapi_error_t do_user_authentication()
Does the authentication for the PDP Context if user name and password are provided.
virtual nsapi_error_t get_pdpcontext_params(pdpContextList_t &params_list)
Get the relevant information for an active nonsecondary PDP context.
virtual nsapi_error_t get_netmask(SocketAddress *address)
Get the local network mask.
virtual nsapi_error_t get_ip_address(SocketAddress *address)
Get the local IP address.
virtual void enable_hup(bool enable)
Enable or disable hang-up detection.
virtual nsapi_error_t get_gateway(SocketAddress *address)
Get the local gateway.
virtual nsapi_error_t set_device_ready()
Start the interface.
virtual bool is_connected()
Check if the connection is currently established.
Callback class based on template specialization.
Definition: Callback.h:39
virtual void set_credentials(const char *apn, const char *uname=0, const char *pwd=0)
Set the cellular network credentials.
Class for sending AT commands and parsing AT responses.
Definition: ATHandler.h:68
virtual nsapi_connection_status_t get_connection_status() const
Get the connection status.
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