Tilt Compensated eCompass, FPU Optimized

This is a FPU optimized software eCompass library which requires use of a Freescale accelerometer and magnetometer

Hello World

Import programK64F_eCompass

This is an example of a tilt compensated eCompass running on a K64F Freedom Platform using the on board FXOS8700 6 axis sensor and Freescale's eCompass software library in a linkable object library compiled for a FPU enabled Cortex M4.


Import libraryeCompass_FPU_Lib

An eCompass library only for use on FPU enabled platforms like the K64F


This example runs on a K64F Freedom board using the on-board FXOS8700 combination accelerometer / magnetometer

The library output includes calibrated magnetometer values, Euler angles and Quaternions.

The object library has been compiled for a Cortex M4F CPU and may only be used with Freescale sensors.

For source code for the eCompass library please contact your local Freescale representative

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