Stepper motor (unipolar)

A unipolar stepper motor driving pulse generator

Hello World

Import programStepperMotorUni_Hello

Hello program for StepperMotorUni library


Import libraryStepperMotorUni

Unipolar stepper motor operation library


This is just a simple pulse generator for unipolar stepping motor. Use motor driver IC like TD62083 to drive actual motor coils.


The mbed generates pulses on 4 output pins for external driver stage.
The StepperMotorUni library can generate 3 types of pulses.

1 phase drive (wave drive) /media/uploads/okano/1phase_drive.gif

2 phase drive /media/uploads/okano/2phase_drive.gif

1-2 phase (half step) drive /media/uploads/okano/halfstep_drive.gif

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