SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000

Texas Instrument's CC3000 module is a self-contained wireless network processor that simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity using simple Link Wi-Fi technology.

Hello World

Import programcc3000_hello_world_demo

cc3000 hello world demo


Import librarycc3000_hostdriver_mbedsocket

cc3000 hostdriver with the mbed socket interface



CC3000 Cookbook page

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 module simplifies design and creates better user experiences for applications such as home automation, appliances, smart energy, security, and health & fitness.
Notably, the new SimpleLink module comes with TI’s unique SmartConfig technology, a one-step Wi-Fi setup process that allows multiple in-home devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks quickly and efficiently.
Other new module features include service discovery, cloud connectivity, and flexible host memory size to complement low-cost, small-size microcontrollers (MCUs)


  • Wireless network processor
    • IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi solutions
    • Embedded IPv4 TCP/IP stack
  • Best-in-class radio performance
    • TX power: +18.0 dBm at 11 Mbps, CCK
    • RX sensitivity: –88 dBm, 8% PER, 11 Mbps
  • Works with low MIPS and low-cost MCUs with compact memory footprint
  • FCC, IC, and CE certified with a chip antenna
  • HW design files and design guide available from TI
  • M2M communication
  • Integrated crystal and power management
  • Small form factor: 16.3 mm × 13.5 mm × 2 mm
  • Operating temperature: –20°C to 70°C
  • Based on TI's seventh generation of proven Wi-Fi solutions
  • Complete platform solution including user and porting guides, API guide, sample applications, and support community

mbed Platforms

Wifi Dipcortex :


  • Home automation
  • Home security
  • Connected appliances
  • Smart energy
  • M2M communication
  • Avnet Wi-Go board

WIKI page

Firmware upgrade tool

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Previous libraries and tools


These are only kept here as a reference as the new code is based on this code.
Use the new code as it contains an mbed socket compatible API.

Import programCC3000_Simple_Socket

Demo apps : receive a string from a client and respond with a different string, TCP/IP client

Import libraryCC3000_Hostdriver

Driver for CC3000 Wi-Fi module

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