PAT9130EW | Versatile X-Y Motion Tracking Sensor

PixArt Imaging's PAT9130EW sensor is a miniature and low-power digital surface-tracking chip that uses LASER-based optical navigation technology. See the notes below for common applications of this sensor as well as guides on how to bring it up.

Hello World

Import program9130_referenceCode

Reference firmware for PixArt's PAT9130EW sensor and evaluation board. "Hello World" and "Library" contain the exact same files. Please import just one of the two into your mBed compiler as a new program and not as a library.


Import programOTS_P9130_Demo

PixArt Optical Track Sensor, OTS, demo program for P9130 sensor with library. Imported and modified from P9126 demo program. Initial release v1.0.




Setup and Evaluation

For a guide on how to setup the PAT9130EW sensor with the Nordic nRF52-DK microcontroller, please visit this Wiki guide:

For a guide on how to setup the PAT9130EW sensor with any other mBed-supported microcontroller, please visit this Wiki guide:

Common Applications


  • Other Applications:
    There is a wide range of other possible applications for this sensor. These would typically be any type of surface tracking and could range from applications such as human-interface devices to industrial automation. If you have any questions about whether or not this sensor is right for your application, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at the address listed below.

Where to Buy

North America - WPG Americas (Distributor)

Taiwan and China - AIT Group (Distributor)

Questions & Contact

Have any questions or need more support? Contact us here:

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