PAH8011ET - Ultra Low Power Optical Heart Rate Detection PPG Sensor

The PAH8011ET is a high performance and low power CMOS-based optical Heart Rate Detector with integrated Digital Signal Processing, packaged with 3 chip-on -board LEDs: two Green and one Infrared.

Hello World

Import programPixArt_PAH8011_HeartRate_NUCLEO-L476RG

PAH8011 HeartRate on STM NUCLEO-L476RG


Import libraryPixArt_PAH8011_HR_NUCLEO-L476RG

PAH8011 HeartRate on STM NUCLEO-L476RG




The PAH8011KT-MB is an ARM mbed and Adruino enabled development board for use with mbed enabled platforms. This development board is suitable for use with developing application around PAH8011ET as the Heart Rate Monitor Sensor.

The development here is based on ST NUCLEO-L476RG.

For more information on how to setup and run the PAH8011ET with ST NUCLEO-L476RG, please also visit the Wiki Page:

In addition, we have also tested it on Nordic, NXP/Freescale Platforms. Please see Tested Platforms for more compatible platforms. Do not see your platform of choice? Please let us know.

Part Number


Where to Buy

North America:

WPG America (Distributor)


Taiwan and China:

AIT Group (Distributor)


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