The MAXREFDES89# provides an ideal interface for anyone developing with brushed DC motors. The design is an mbed®-compatible, Arduino® form factor shield for the rapid development of brushed DC motor applications.

Hello World

Import programMAXREFDES89_MAX14871_Shield_Demo

'Hello World' program for the MAX14871_Shield Library. Simple terminal based program that allows the user to exercise the features of MAXREFDES89#.


Import libraryMAX14871_Shield

Library for MAX14871 Shield, MAXREFDES89#




Import programMAXREFDES89_Test_Program

Functional test program for MAXREFDES89# that ramps each motor driver output up/down and in each direction sequentially. Uses default configuration, i.e. pwm signals are on D4, D5, D9 and D10 along with default I2C addresses for supporting I.C.s.

MAXREFDES89# Reference Design Block Diagram



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