MAX14661 Beyond-the-Rails 16:2 Multiplexer

Multiplex ±5.5V Common-Mode Signal From a Single Supply Rail as Low as 1.6V with serial control

Hello World

Import programMAX14661_Demo

MAX14661 Library Demo


Import librarymax14661

library for MAX14661 16:2 mux




The MAX14661 is a serially controlled, dual-channel analog multiplexer allowing any of the 16 pins to be connected to either common pin simultaneously or in any combination. The device features Beyond-the-Rails™ capability so that ±5.5V signals can be passed with any single supply between +1.6V and +5.5V.

I2C or SPI bus may be selected for serial communications. Both modes provide individual control of each independent switch so that any combination of switches can be applied. I2C mode provides two address-select pins allowing for addressing up to four devices on a single bus. The SPI mode includes a DOUT pin that can be used to chain multiple devices together with a single select signal.

The IC is available in a 28-pin (4mm x 4mm) TQFN package and is specified over the -40ºC to +85ºC extended temperature range. The AB_ and COM_ pins provide ±10kV ESD protection (HBM).

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