Sharp LCD 1.28 inch Display 128x128 LS013B7DH03

Sharp Microelectronics 1.28 inch LCD Graphic Monochrome Display TFT LS013B7DH03 SPI bus. Example code.


Sample Program for LS013B7DH03 hosted on the MAXREFDES101

Import programHost_Software_MAX32664GWEB_HR_wrist

Example Host software for integration of Max3266x chips (ME11B) equipped with Heart Rate from Wrist Algorithm

Documentation: User Adoption Guide for the Sample Program for MAXREFDES101 HR monitor for wearables

Firmware/Software Driver Library C++ Source Code for LS013B7DH03

Import libraryMemoryLCD

Fork of Silabs MemoryLCD library


/media/uploads/phonemacro/sharp_lcd_display_pinout_ls013b7dh03.jpg /media/uploads/EmreE/hsp3board.png


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