Hotboards EEPROM

Microchip 25xx320, SPI bus, 32 kbits eeprom

Hello World

Import programHotboards_eeprom_write_byte

This sketch read a single byte into a variable, then, the variable is added by two, the result is written into memory. Finally, byte is readed again. the values are printed to serial port too.


Import libraryHotboards_eeprom

Hotboards_eeprom.cpp - Driver to control serial (spi) eeprom memories, The memories are compatibles amount the manufactures Microchip, Atmel and ST, and of course you can control Hotboards eeprom boards (



You can buy this component at:

And also check our tutorial at Hotboards blog (only in spanish) :

More example programs

Import programHotboards_eeprom_write_array

This sketch write an array into a memory, then, read back the data and print them to a serial port.

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