Hotboards Temp

Digital Temperature sensor using MCP9808 from Microchip

Hello World

Import programHotboards_temp_reading_temperature

Read the temperaure in celsius degrees each two seconds and display the value on the serial port.


Import libraryHotboards_temp

Driver to read and control a serial (i2c) temperature sensor, The Microchip MCP9808 is the digital sensor to control, can be read it, set its resolution, shutdown and also set alarms.



You can buy this board at Also check its tutorial at Hotboards blog (only in spanish):

More examples

Import programHotboards_temp_fahrenheit

Read the temperaure in celsius and then convert to Fahrenheit degrees, and also display the value on the serial port.

Import programHotboards_temp_alarms

Set upper and lower alarms and trhoug pin PB_13 monitor the ALERT signal, turn on/0ff a led when the temperature is below or above the alarm values.

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