Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout v3

Serial GPS module with onboard memory for continuous recording

Hello World

Import programGPS_HelloWorld

Example to go with my modified GPS library


Import librarySerialGPS

Library for EM-406 and MTK3339 GPS modules (NMEA), using UART communication.



This GPS module is made by Adafruit and runs on 3V3. Their description can be found at:

Pinout is obvious from the picture above. Give it 3V3 at Vin, GND it, and sniff the output from Tx. The module can be set up for continuous recording with the mbed off. To do that, send it the command string via Rx. (Details for that LOCUS mode can be found at the Adafruit Learning System and their Arduinio library:

For more details please see the adafruit page or the mbed wiki page

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