TCP Connection Test Program

This little nifty program allows you to create a TCP connection to a specified IP and port to send/receive buffered, unformatted messages. It also allows you to run a TCP server to listen for incoming connections, and print received messages.



  • Compiled program is located under bin\release
  • Compiled with a high DPI setting; some text may be truncated slightly

Some cautions worth noting:

  • Do not run the server and attempt to create a TCP connection with buttons in the TCPClient groupbox within the same instance of a program; doing so will cause the program to hang. If you wish to open a server and connect to it, open two instances of this program with one being the server and the other being the client.
  • Both IP and Port textboxes are used in the TCPClient functions, but only the Port textbox is used in the server; the listener code assumes it's listening for incoming connections on any IP address.

The following reference was used to create the code for the server:

C# Tutorial - Simple Threaded TCP Server

1 comment on TCP Connection Test Program:

07 Jul 2015

Nice program, congratulations.

What if I'd like to convert the server to a talker also, instead of only a listener?

Thank you.

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