Seeedstudio Arch Examples : GPIO - Blinking LED implemented with alternate DigitalOut functions.

Dependencies:   mbed

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Sun Sep 08 14:58:41 2013 +0000
fix wait function

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viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 1 #include "mbed.h"
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 2
viswesr 2:d7639bb949d7 3 /* Configure a GPIO pin as output for controlling a LED. 'led' is an user assigned name and
viswesr 1:3c5f838ae76d 4 'LED1' is an internal name given to a port pin P1_8 in this Arch platform. */
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 5 DigitalOut led(LED1);
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 6
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 7 int main()
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 8 {
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 9 while(1) {
viswesr 1:3c5f838ae76d 10 led.write(1); // Here, DigitalOut -> write() function is used to set the ouput high.
viswesr 1:3c5f838ae76d 11 wait_ms(500); // Wait for 0.5 Seconds. The time is specified in milli-seconds using wait_ms() function.
viswesr 1:3c5f838ae76d 12 led.write(0); // Switch OFF the LED.
viswesr 2:d7639bb949d7 13 wait_us(500000); // Wait for 0.5 Seconds. The time is specified in micro-seconds using wait_us() function.
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 14 }
viswesr 0:ed40790a022a 15 }