u-blox C027 Getting Started


Rapid Prototyping for Internet of Things applications



  • LISA-C(CDMA), LISA-U(W-CDMA/3G) or SARA(GSM/2G) Celluar modem
  • NXP LPC1768 MCU
    • High performance ARM® Cortex™-M3 Core
    • 96MHz, 64KB RAM, 512KB FLASH
    • Ethernet, 1xSPI, 1xI2C, 1xUART, CAN, 6xPWM, 6xADC, GPIO
    • USB Host (for LISA modem) or UART for (LISA/SARA modem)
    • UART or I2C for GPS/GNSS
  • Prototyping form-factor
  • 5V USB for the CMSIS-DAP interface
  • 12v ±10% for Target
    • Built-in USB drag 'n' drop FLASH programmer
  • mbed Enabled
    • mbed.org Developer Website
    • Lightweight Online Compiler
    • High level C/C++ SDK


Schematics, Gerbers and BOM

Full detailed documentation for the different variants (revision C) is available for download here:

Full detailed documentation for the previous variant (revision B) is available for download here:

For early prototypes (revision A) use older documentation.

Getting Started with mbed

1. Connect your mbed to a PC

Connect the power (12V) on the barrel connector or the pin header. Connect a USB cable to the C027 and the PC. The status lights will come on. After a few seconds of activity, the PC will recognise the u-blox-C027 as a standard USB drive.

External Power Supply is recommended !

Due to the USB current limitation, optimal RF performance can be achieved only by supplying the board either through the 12 V DC In connector or the VIN pin of the row connector.

Windows XP exampleMac OS X example

2. Click the MBED.HTM link to get logged in

Go to the new USB Drive, and click MBED.HTM to open it in a web browser.

If you do not have an mbed account, choose "Signup", and create your mbed Account. Otherwise, log in with your normal username and password.

This will give you access to the website, tools, libraries and documentation.

3. Have Fun!

Your account is now ready and you can start using your u-blox-C027 !

Where next?

A good starting point is to download a pre-compiled program, so that you get used to downloading and running programs before you start compiling your own.

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16 comments on u-blox C027 Getting Started:

10 Apr 2014

Where I can buy this one ?

05 Jun 2014

You can buy online at http://u-blox.com/en/online-shop.html .

12 Jul 2014

Hi Ublox,

I intend to use the SARA G module and the Max-7Q module in a project.

Are you able to provide altium library files for these modules?

07 Aug 2014


20 Aug 2014

Will this be offered in a version without the GPS?


14 Feb 2015

Does it work on Mac?

20 Mar 2015

How can I use this devece with uvision ?

14 Jun 2015

"5V Regulated Out" of the maximum output specifications?

07 Oct 2015

Any http server is running on UBlox C027 Board?. I would like configure the WiFi and Gps. How i have to configure these settings in UBLOX C027?

07 Oct 2015

External Flash Memory is available in UBlox C027?

07 Oct 2015

Is it possible to flash apps in UBlox C027?

29 Jul 2016

Hi,is it possible to use usb port as an usb host to connect an usb device like photo camera ? Is there some exemple on how to use usb host on C027 ? regards

21 Aug 2018

I'm trying to download the C027 Schematics and BOM but I'm getting "403 Forbidden", what's happening? The available link is still valid?

22 Aug 2018

Is there any information about using the MAX-8 GPS? I can't find any information in the MBed docs. Is there a library? Alternatively, are there docs describing the particulars to write a driver?

Update: I found this library: https://os.mbed.com/teams/ublox/code/gnss/docs/tip/gnss_8cpp_source.html. It's rather hidden away; perhaps docs should be improved.

09 Aug 2019

Nothing works on this board or really any mbed boards. So sick of the constant mbed troubleshooting with all these boards. Usb doesnt work, have to go through all these forums to find no real solutions. Cryptic errors, when uploading the programs. Why cant anythings be plug and play. 90% troubleshooting and 10% development

04 Aug 2020

useless device keep failing USB and there is no support from ublox

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