A tiny drawing library. include line draw and bitmap-font draw.bitmap-font is from linux-kernel-source.

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for tinydraw


td_color_pair_s Color type (foreground and background pair)
TinyDraw Tiny library of drawing in framebuffer


font_10x18.c [code]
font_6x11.c [code]
font_7x14.c [code]
font_8x16.c [code]
font_8x8.c [code]
font_acorn_8x8.c [code]
font_mini_4x6.c [code]
font_pearl_8x8.c [code]
font_sun12x22.c [code]
font_sun8x16.c [code]
linuxfont.h [code]
tinydraw.cpp [code]
tinydraw.h [code]